Replay Jerseys

Reduce. Reuse. Reborn.

Convert your old jersey into a usable keepsake
and score a triple play:

  1. Put Your Star Athlete on Display
  2. Support your Local Team
  3. Benefit the Environment


"It’s a bag of honor!"

Too Meaningful to Discard

Replay Jerseys grew out of a need to find a good purpose for the pile of old sports jerseys that had once been worn in athletic competition, but now were on the sidelines. They were too meaningful to be discarded, but too useful to be ignored. Thinking about the various ways they could be utilized, we hit upon the perfect solution: a shoulder bag or backpack that could be used again at sports venues, only this time they would be carrying keys, water bottles, blankets or other gear.


The jerseys would be reborn as unique, one-of-a-kind bags that still displayed the team colors with pride, but also were reminders of seasons past and former victories. In fact, by creatively refashioning the used jerseys, we were reducing waste and lengthening their life cycle—all providing a winning score for the environment.

Giving Back

In addition, we wanted to support the same organizations from where these jerseys originally came, and provide a fundraising product that players and fans would actually want. We will donate a portion of each jersey bag sold on behalf of any team, league or athletic organization registered with Replay Jerseys.