Retro Find 2.3

Using the diff provided in this thread on MozillaZine's forums, I was able to construct a rudimentary extension that reverts the find bar in Firefox to its original find dialog.

Version 2.2 restored some XBL bindings that were removed between Firefox 2 and 3. It is only compatible with Firefox 3.0.*.

Version 2.3 bumps the maxVersion for Firefox 3.5. It is only compatible with 3.5. For Firefox 3.0.*, use version 2.2.

For Firefox 2 and below, use version 1.4.1 or below.

Retro_Find_2.3.xpi - 18.7KB - 9e16d64bca782d2792521f437a4ca368


Version 2.3
Bumped maxVersion to 3.5.*
Version 2.2
Finish removing references to extraneous JavaScript (thanks, Philip)
Version 2.1
Remove some extraneous JavaScript that prevented other extensions from modifying the status bar (thanks, Ed!)
Version 2.0
Restore find-related XBL binding code removed in bug 339540
Update some icon paths to new locations
Fix weird status bar issue by adding flex="1"
Bumped minVersion to 3.0pre
Bumped maxVersion to 3.0.*
Version 1.4.1
Bumped maxVersion to 1.5.0.*
Version 1.4
Bumped maxVersion to be compatible with Firefox 1.5
Changed most units to ems in chrome to avoid problems with other resolutions
Version 1.3
Fixes bug where long searches would push Find/Cancel buttons off of dialog
Incorporates functionality of Elephant Find Wrap (wrap checkbox option persists across Find sessions)
Version 1.2
Now removes Find Bar from View Source
Version 1.1
Added functionality of Cusser's Find Statusbar 0.3 extension (with his permission)
Version 1.0
Initial version

Older Versions

Retro_Find_2.2.xpi - 19.2KB - 2c4502fb30fd132d12aab1c3f8192c24

Retro_Find_2.1.xpi - 18.7KB - 1fb3ab875a5c506b5835504a688db764

Retro_Find_2.0.xpi - 19.5KB - aade26c08b5334bb4281f43c44b63290

Retro_Find_1.4.xpi - 8.34KB - E3687AB10EF862AC417F89324B3CD577

Retro_Find_1.3.xpi - 15.9KB - 216D7A9C093F82079887ACC081E4B5AE

Retro_Find_1.2.xpi - 14.0KB - EEB2C4DDBFE5DE040BC93AF70E44C6D2

Retro_Find_1.1.xpi - 13.2KB - 8BEB3E952F93B8ADA30642E7C84F1D89

Retro_Find_1.0.xpi - 6.09KB - 2AA79115D35B171210251F7E44ACF011